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We can provide lists for direct e-mailing and multiple mailboxes. Please e-mail us for more information.

We now provide a Remote email Service which includes Virus Scanning. If you need to register for this contact minerva@minerva.com.au

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If you get lost, please email minerva@minerva.com.au

Instructions for changing Mail Settings

This form allows you to change the properties of your mailbox.

Click underscored text to get description.

MailSite    MailBox Properties    v2.1.7

Mailbox:    youremailname
Forward To:  
  Do Not Deliver:
Enable Auto Reply:
Reply Just Once:
Echo Message:
Reply From:  
No Reply To:

Forward To

Enter an Internet Mail Address to which incoming messages to your mailbox will be forwarded.
Leave empty to disable forwarding.

WARNING: Do not enter your own address here. This will create a mail loop.

Do Not Deliver

Select this field to prevent any incoming messages from being delivered to your mailbox.
It is normally set only if the "Forward To" or the "Auto Reply" feature is being used.

When you are Forwarding your mail, AND do not want a copy of the forwarded message to be left in your mailbox, THEN check this box.

If you Forward and leave this box unchecked, each arriving message will be forwarded AND a copy of the message will be put into your mailbox.

When you have enabled an Auto-Reply to your incoming mail, AND do not want a copy of the message to be left in your mailbox, THEN check this box.

If you Auto-Reply and leave this box unchecked, each arriving message will be put into your mailbox AND the Auto-Reply will be sent.

Enable Auto Reply

Select this field to enable the auto reply feature for your mailbox.
Auto Reply causes MailSite to automatically generate a reply message to the sender when an incoming email arrives.

Reply Just Once

Select this field to ensure that no sender receives more than one auto reply.
When this is checked, MailSite will append the email address to which it replies to a file called REPLIED.TXT, located in the your mailbox directory.

It will delete this file if the auto reply feature is switched off.

Echo Message

Select this field to return the original message with all Auto Reply messages.

Reply From

Enter an Internet Mail Address that MailSite will use as the From: address when creating Auto Reply messages.

No Reply To

Enter list of Internet Mail Addresses (one per line) to which auto reply messages will not be sent.

If a message is received which is addressed to (or CCd to) one of these addresses, then no automatic reply will be sent. You would typically include addresses of mailing lists in here (since automatic replies to mailing list messages are antisocial).

Reply Message

Enter the text of the auto reply message.

If the "Auto Reply" checkbox is selected then this text will be mailed to the sender of any incoming messages.

If the "Echo Message" checkbox is selected then the senders original message will be appended to the automatic reply.