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This is to highlight developments and points of interest to Minerva Customers.

The Internet

MinervaNet are able to provide you with a complete range of Internet services. We can help with anything from a simple dial in home account to a complete corporate Internet/ Intranet system. Call us with your request.

Price Structure

For our existing customers, their employees and friends we are able to offer special introductory rates for connection and Publishing on the NET. Please call for details

MinervaNET Rates

MINERVATelephone Numbers

Telephone numbers for Minerva Micro:


(03) 9431 3955


(03) 9431 2599

Also, Jim Phillips's Mobile number:


0412 568 107

Modem Speed

We provide 56K V90 Service as well as ISDN, ADSL and 33.6 Modems.

Proxy Server

Our Proxy Server is now on line. This should speed up your web access.

To activate it, on Explorer go to View Options, on Netscape network preferences and select proxy server. The settings are:

http://proxy.minerva.com.au Port: 8080

You may need to leave of the http:// , depending upon the version of browser you have.


Forget about Backup, but can you restore? Recently we have had a situation where a customer was religiously backing up their data every night. A random check, however, revealed that for some time the tape drive had been malfunctioning, even though no errors were shown on the screen. You need to ask yourself, "If my office burns down tonight, do I have a copy of my data and programs stored off site so that I can be up and running within a few days?"

If the answer is no, then statistics show that your business will only have a 10% chance of surviving such a disaster. Tape backup is like insurance, it is not necessary until disaster strikes.

We would suggest that as well as answering the above question you check the following:
1: Are you backing up all the data?
2: Can you restore data and have you tested your procedures with a sample restore?

We would be happy to discuss your disaster recovery procedures with you.

Minerva Services

Minerva Micro provides 24 hour support on our normal business number. We also can help with anything to do with computers and the Internet.

Networking is now an even bigger issue with the presence of the Internet. We can offer support and advice with ISDN, ADSL, Ecommerce, Remote access, the Intranet and all other related services.

Please email any comments or questions.

Or write to:

Minerva Micro Pty Ltd,
PO Box 731
Eltham, Vic, 3095

Phone: (03) 9431 3955
Fax: (03) 9431 2599

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