MinervaNET Settings


You can change your password at any time by using our mail options. Refer to the mail page.

DNS Settings
Primary DNS Server203.25.172.1
Secondary DNS Server203.25.172.4

Proxy Settings

It is important to use the Proxy Server where possible. The Proxy Server will ensure that data is delivered through to you in the quickest manner. Email Minerva if you have any problems.
Proxy Serverproxy.minerva.com.au Port 8080

Mail Settings
Mail Servermail.minerva.com.au (For incoming and outgoing mail)
News Servernews.minerva.com.au (No login name or Password)

See our mail page for mail details.

Dial up Numbers
9430 - 0800Main Rotary Number
T e s t   L i n e s :
9431 - 4511Old Analog Rotary Number 33600bps Modems

Note: These are test lines only. Use the main rotary number at other times and contact Minerva if you are having connection problems.