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Date: 19 June Date: 20 June Admission: $ 15 Admission: $ 25 Paddock: $ 10 Paddock: $ 10 Children under 15 free admission Super Toures Gates open at 7.00 AM Formula Two Grid Walks Porsche Cup ROH Commodore Cup
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BOC Gases Super Touring Championship 1997 saw Winton host Round Five of the BOC Gases Super Touring Championship. Paul Morris lead the championship on 94 points ahead of fellow BMW driver Geoff Brabham on 92 points. Audi pairing of Brad Jones and Cameron McConville followed the BMW's on 72 and 68 point respectively. Volvo Driver Jim Richards was in fifth place on 52 points ahead of leading independant Cameron McLean in his Vectra on 33 points.
Jim Richards in his Volvo Jim Richards in fifth place in the championship Triple Australian Rally Championship Neil Bates made his Super Touring debut in the Toyota Camry prepared by Phoenix Motorsport. Bates was sharing the drive with Mark Adderton who debut the car in Australia at Calder. Neil Bates in the Camry Neil Bates in his first drive in the Camry Qualifying Qualifying for Race One saw BMW driver Paul Morris disqualified for exceeding the Rev Limiter of 8,000 RPM. Nissan independant driver Steven Richards was also disqualified but for Race Two. This left Vectra driver Cameron McLean as top qualifying independant. BMW's Geoff Brabham put his car on pole ahead of the Audis of Brad Jones and Cameron McConville. Cameron McConville McConville Qualified well for both races Race One Paul Morris made a blinding start off the line from the back of the grid but had a touch with an independant driver and had his rear bumper dislodged. BMW's Geoff Brabham made a good start and headed off the Audi duo of Cameron McConville and Brad Jones. Super Tourer Start Geoff Brabham heading off the Audis Brabham set the early pace while the Nissan of Steven Richards fell down the field through tyre trouble. Cameron McLean moved ahead of Richards to become leading independant, while the Audis were runnig strong in second and third ahead of Jim Richards in the Volvo. Brabham leads the pack Brabham leads the pack Paul Morris carved his way back through the pack and caught the tail of the Audis who's tyres had come on strong and had now caught up to the back of Geoff Brabham. Brad Jones made a last corner attempt to past Geoff Brabham but the two collided and Cameron McConville came through for his first Super Touring win. Results Race One 1st Cameron McConville Orix Audi 2nd Paul Morris Diet Coke BMW 3rd Brad Jones Orix Audi Race Two saw the two BMWs get away ahead of the Audis and the Volvo of Jim Richards. The BMWs put an early gap on the Audis but the Audi's tyres started to come on late in the race and were catching the BMW at about a second a lap until Brad Jones had a spin which put him way back down the order. Cameron McConville continued the Audi attack and managed to pass Geoff Brabham to move into second place but was unable to beat Paul Morris who took the race win. BMW cross the finish line Morris takes the flag ahead of McConville Results Race Two 1st Paul Morris Diet Coke BMW 2nd Cameron McConville Orix Audi 3rd Geoff Brabham Diet Coke BMW

Porsche Cup Porsche Cup was Round Five of the National Championship for 1997. Anthony Tratt in the Toll Express Porsche RSR lead the way ahead of the Network Vodafone Porsche GT2 of Geoff Morgan who was last year's Champion. Keene Spins Greg Keene spins his 911 GT2 ahead of Martin Wagg Tratt was pressured to the flag by Morgan but managed to hang on by less than a second. Greg Keene in his 911 GT2 ahead of Ed Atkin in his 911. The first class B car home was D'arcy Russell in a 911 C2. Results 1st Anthony Tratt Porsche RSR 2nd Geoff Morgan Porsche GT2 3rd Greg Keene Porsche 911 GT2

ROH Wheels Commodore Cup Winton Marked round 5 of the ROH Wheels Commodore Cup Championship. A field of 23 Commodores entered for the race but only 17 lined up for the race. Last year's Champion Gary Baxter was over run this year by team mates David Gittus and Maurie Platt with local driver Geoff Parker also driving strong.
Commodore Cup Cars battling it out Gittus leads Parker and Platt Gittus and Platt went nose to tail to the finish while Parker and Platt battled it out to the finish just behind the leaders with Parker just holding off last year's Champion Platt who took fourth. Results 1st David Gittus Commodore VH 2nd Maurie Platt Commodore VH 3rd Geoff Parker Commodore VH

1998 BOC Gases Super Touring Championship Qualifying Race One Saw local driver Brad Jones in his Audi piped team mate Cameron McConville by 2 tenth's of a second. The Second row was made up of Jim Richards in a volvo and Cameron McClean the leading independant in his BMW. Race Two Saw the Audi's of Cameron McConville and Brad Jones again take the front row Just Ahead the Volvo Of Jim Richards who was half a second ahead of BMW's Cameron McClean. Audi's qualified strong The Audi's Qualified Strong Race Two Saw Brad Jones get his Audi away the best followed by team mate Cameron McConville who took the lead from Jones on lap six. McClean beat Richards Volvo off the line and setup upon Jones who he took on lap eight. Richards, McClean and Jones diced for the next few laps with positions swapping back and forth. Until McClean took back second place on lap 16 and held onto the finish. Jim Richards took third in the second race Jim Richards took third in the second race Results 1st C McConville Audi 2nd C McClean BMW 3rd J Richards Volvo